Successful Students

Our work is best shared through the stories and images of our students, and testimonials from others touched by the work we do. We invite you to click on a box below… and be inspired. If you have a story or a comment about how Communities In Schools made a difference in your life, please share it with us.

Mentor Consistency

A mentor has been meeting with his student for just over two years. I cannot express how much the consistency of that relationship has helped this student. The mentor came to visit no matter what his moods or choices. Having that acceptance and knowing his mentor would…


One of our matches spend their time drawing. I thought this had been the mentor's idea. After talking with the mentor one day, I found out it actually was the student's idea and he is becoming quite an artist.

Mentor Impact

As a mentor, I work with the situation at hand. I’ve learned that a mentor’s impact comes in many subtle forms.


I appreciate all of the hard work you coordinators put into organizing the mentoring program and all of the other programs to help the students... It was a pleasure to be able to work with my student, and I'm pleased that I was asked to come back…

Headache relief

I met the mother when she had come in for a conference about her son and she expressed her concerns about the language barrier she and he both struggle with and how their living situation is something they all really struggle with. In addition, her and her…


It definitely was good for his confidence, but the most important part was we got to talk about other things while we were playing.

Overcoming a fear

... Her biggest success was facing a big fear when she spoke about her mentor relationship in front of 100s of people at the Communities In Schools of Kent breakfast. It really was her mentor relationship that helped her move past her fear of life.
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Seattle Thunderbirds

I have an amazing job. However, what makes my job more enticing is watching the relationships within a mentoring program.

Tough Love

A senior who was struggling to pass her classes was recently referred to the Kent-Meridian High School Site Coordinator Elisa Aguayo. After an initial meeting, Elisa became her number one motivator. She helped her expand her horizons to clubs like Latino and MeCha, and even becoming a…