During these challenging times, Communities In Schools of Kent is reaching out to students, families and the broader community in many ways…

Students: The goal is to provide social-emotional support and encouragement as they try to make sense of all that is happening. We are communicating on-line if they have computers, by phone if they don’t, and by mail as well. 

Families: We are talking with families to assess needs and to help provide food, supplies and referrals for additional services and supports.

Community:  We established a community support line (253-867-5637) to answer questions, identify needs, and connect people to resources in partnership with organizations, businesses, local government, service clubs and faith communities.

Mentor Pen Pals: We are helping Mentors keep in touch with students through mail!  This is a great way to provide a safe and encouraging place for our students and mentors to connect.  A huge thank you to all our mentors!

Needed: Donations needed to continue to support needs of students and families. Thank you for your support