How You Can Help

Photo of student with call to action to donate to help students and families most impacted by COVID-19

We need your help to reach students and families most impacted by the coronavirus crisis. Please consider donating to support the needs of students and families in this time. Thank you for your support!

How We Are Helping Students/Families During COVID-19/KSD School Closures and Beyond

COVID- 19 Response plan for student, Family and Community Support

During these challenging times, Communities In Schools of Kent is reaching out to students, families and the broader community in many ways…

Support for Students

The goal is to provide social-emotional support and encouragement as they try to make sense of all that is happening. We are communicating on-line if they have computers, by phone if they don’t, and by mail as well. 

Support for Families

We are talking with families to assess needs and to help provide food, supplies and referrals for additional services and supports.

Community Support Line

Call (253) 867-5637

We established a community support line to answer questions, identify needs, and connect people to resources in partnership with organizations, businesses, local government, service clubs and faith communities.

CIS of Kent's executive director holding up letters from mentors to mentees

Mentor Pen Pals

We are helping Mentors keep in touch with students through mail! This is a great way to provide a safe and encouraging place for our students and mentors to connect. A huge thank you to all our mentors!

Community Food Resources

Free Fresh Food for KSD Families Every Week

*For FOOD BANK information, go to the following websites: (1)Storehouse Food Bank (Covington), (2) Kent Food Bank, or (3) Maple Valley Food Bank for food pick up locations, details and updates.

*Go to the Kent School District website at KSD WEBSITE for updates on (1) Monday food pick up locations, (2) Extended Learning Plans, (3) other COVID resources and more.